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When a governor or any state official seeks elective national office, his (or
her) reputation and what the country knows about the candidate’s background is
initially determined by the work of local and regional media.

Generally, those
journalists do a competent job of reporting on the prospect’s record. In the case
of Governor George W.

Bush, Texas reporters had written numerous stories
about his failed businesses in the oil patch, the dubious land grab and
questionable funding behind a new stadium for Bush’s baseball team, the Texas
Rangers, and his various political contradictions and hypocrisies while serving in

I was one of those Texas journalists. I spent about a decade trying to find
accurate information on Bush’s record in the Texas National Guard.

My curiosity
had been prompted by his failure to adequately answer a question I had asked
him as a panelist in a televised debate with Ann Richards during the 1994
gubernatorial campaign.

Eventually I published three books on Bush and his
political consigliere, Karl Rove.

During Bush’s presidency, many other volumes,
written by insiders and others, would add greatly to the picture of the man’s
character and policies.

download Family of Secrets pdf free

Family of Secrets pdf


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