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In many ways doing this book was fun. It meant readings in American
pop and material culture, the occult, varieties of pseudoscience, real sci- ence, vernacular geography, and forty-year-old news periodicals—to mention just a few fields I wandered into.

A new discovery each week, at the peak of my research. It was sometimes tedious but always enjoyable
work, because of friends and colleagues who took an interest.

I am grateful
to all who helped it along. Roger Sale, for two reasons: for showing that one
could enjoy these serendipitous paths of scholarship and for sharing his reading of Gravity’s Rain bow when the novel was first published. Malcolm

Griffith, for suggesting (in 1978) that I should write this book. I put the idea
aside for four years, but once under way it was helped by a number of friends and colleagues. Staff members at the M. I. King Library at the University of Kentucky provided invaluable assistance, and I especially want to thank
Roxanna Jones and Barbara Wight of Interlibrary Loan, as well as Rob Aken,

Dan Barkley, Brad Grissom, and Laura Rein of King Library Reference. Ste- ven Moore, fresh from a similar project on Gaddis’sThe Recognitions, made
wise suggestions as I prepared the first draft. Molly Hite gave suggestions
and encouragement.

Download gravity’s rainbow pdf free

gravity's rainbow pdf
gravity’s rainbow pdf


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