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The Contractor shall provide and maintain field offices and testing
laboratories, including all the necessary electricity, water, drainage and
telephone services for the use of the Engineer and his staff.

The offices and
laboratories shall have at least the floor area prescribed on the Plans and shall
contain the equipment, supplies and furnishings specified in the Contract.

Testing equipment supplied in accordance with the Special Provisions shall be
located in testing laboratories as required by the Engineer.

All offices and
laboratories shall be ready for occupancy and use by the Engineer within two
months of the commencement of the Works. Their location and final plan shall
require the approval of the Engineer prior to the start of construction.

It is the intent of this Specification to locate the field offices and laboratories in
government owned lots so that the use by the government of these facilities can
be maximized even after the completion of the project.

However, if no government lot is available, and these structures are to be erected on private
property, it is the responsibility of the Contractor to make the necessary
arrangements with the landowner(s) regarding the use of the lot for the
Engineer’s office and laboratories and to remove and/or transfer, if so required
under the Contract, the improvements thereon, including all appurtenances upon
completion of the Works.

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