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READERS NEW TO Lies My Teacher Told Me should go straight to page one.
This introduction tells old friends (and enemies?) how this edition differs from
the first and why it came to be.

Since it came to be largely because reader
response to the first edition was so positive, the introduction seems selfcongratulatory to me—another reason to skip it. Lies My Teacher Told Me does

take readers on a voyage of discovery through our past, however, and some
readers may want to learn of the reactions of fellow passengers.

From the first day, readers made Lies a success. As its name implies, The New
Press was a small fledgling publisher without an advertising budget; word of
mouth caused Lies to sell. The book first created a stir on the West Coast.

“Although the book is considered controversial by some, libraries in Alameda
County [California] can’t keep it on their shelves,” reported an article at
California State University at Hayward. A high school student wrote to the
editor of the San Francisco Examiner: “I was a poor (D-plus) student in history
until I read People’s History of the United States and Lies My Teacher Told Me.

After reading those two books, my GPA in history rose to 3.8 and stayed there.
If you truly want students to take an interest in American history, then stop lying
to them.”

An early review in the San Francisco Chronicle called Lies “an
extremely convincing plea for truth in education,” and my book spent several
weeks on the Bay Area bestseller list in 1995.

download Lies My Teacher Told Me pdf free

Lies My Teacher Told Me pdf


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