The Scarlet Letter pdf

Here the book The Scarlet Letter pdf free by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Protestant Reformation and Puritanism
For approximately twelve hundred years, the major religion of Europe was Catholicism. In the sixteenth century, a
German monk named Martin Luther started a movement
that was to overthrow the power of the Catholic Church and
split Christian Europe into two major groups—the Catholics
and the Protestants.

In 1517, Luther nailed to the door of a
church in Wittenburg, Germany, a list of objections to central beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. While
preparing for his ordination as a priest, Luther had been
struck by his own unworthiness to take the holy sacraments.

He believed that because of the original sin of Adam in the
Garden of Eden, people were basically sinful and could not,
through their works, become worthy of taking such sacraments as Holy Communion and Holy Orders. Instead, according to Luther, people had to depend on the grace of God,
extended to them despite their sinfulness. Luther also objected to practices of the church such as the sale of indulgences,
or pardons for sins. He challenged the authority of the Pope
and of the church in general, claiming that religion was a matter of individual conscience to be worked out between each
person and God without a priest as intermediary

download book The Scarlet Letter pdf free

The Scarlet Letter pdf


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